Sunday, June 28, 2009


The weary Traveler felt the pressure of the weight of his pack. He had a long journey still ahead of him, but he refused to put it down. "I can do it," he would assure himself. "It will only make me stronger." He traveled for years with the same pack. It had once seemed very small, but was now growing to unbearable proportions. However, poor Traveler had no desire to ask for help. After all, this was his burden to bear.

The path he was taking quickly approached a rather dark and ominous mountain. Due to the mountain's vast base, Traveler quickly assessed that the quickest route was indeed to climb over the mountain. He wondered for a moment how he would climb the mountain with such a heavy pack, but he allowed the thought to pass. He could do it, and when he did, everyone would be so impressed with what he had accomplished.

He started to climb. It was easy at first, but then the mountain grew steep, the temperatures grew cold, and Traveler's heart grew bitter. "WHY IS THIS SO HOPELESS?" he screamed aloud. He could hear his echo in the surrounding mountains. He was all alone. There was no one to help him over the mountain. Traveler put his head in his hands and began to cry. "I should have found my own way around the mountain," he thought angrily.

No said a voice barely above a whisper. There's a better way...Put your bag down.

"I can't," cried Traveler. "I must carry it. I can't just leave it here!"

My child, the voice responded softly, it was never yours to carry. Put it down.

"But who will carry it?"

I will. My plan for you is much better than this. Let me help you, dear child.

Traveler reluctantly began to unstrap his bag. One by one, he took every piece out of his pack and laid it on the ground. Then slowly, he stood up and continued on the path given him. Somehow he had the comforting sense that things would only go up from there. Freedom.

I really struggle with handing over my burdens to God. Sometimes I like to pretend I can handle everything on my own...and I mean everything. God has really been teaching me that sometimes handing over my problems and trusting him with them has to be a daily thing. Each day, I need to wake up and remind myself that my Creator is in complete control and that if I try to take control, I miss out on the plans God has for me. He never intended for us journey through life with heavy burdens. He wants us to live in the freedom of his grace! Walk in freedom, friends.