Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"If I Were Born Something Else"

I was assigned to write a children's book for one of my classes (one of the joys of being an elementary education major), and this is what I've come up with.

"If I were Born Something Else" By: Traci Kuiper

At times when I’m bored, I wonder to myself what life would be like if I were born something else.

What if I was a bug or I lived in the wild?

It would probably be better than life as a child.

If I were a fish, I would swim in the sea.

It’s deeper and cooler than any pool could be.

I’d swim far and wide and explore all I wished.

You see, life would be grand if I were a fish.

If I were a frog, I would jump really high. I’d hop where and I wanted and pass everyone by.

I could live in a creek and hang out on a log. You see, life would be grand if I were a frog.

If I were an ant, I would be very strong. I would have six legs I’d use to scurry along.

I’d munch on big leaves, eating foods most people can’t. You see, life would be grand if I were an ant.

If I were a butterfly, I’d have great big wings. I’d fly through the clouds for the best view of everything.

I would be beautiful and never be shy. You see, life would be grand if I were a butterfly.

But I’m not an ant or a frog or a fish. I’ll never be a butterfly, no matter how hard I wish

I’m an ordinary boy, sitting in his backyard, letting his mind wander to adventures afar.

If I were born something else, how my life would be changed! Everything about me would be rearranged.

I don’t have six legs. I don’t live by the sea. I don’t hop place to place or fly wild and free.

But I suppose I can swim and jump pretty high. And when I swing in the air, I feel like I could fly.

I wouldn’t like eating leaves or not having toys. Perhaps life can still be grand as an ordinary boy.

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